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We will provide the opportunity for clients and visitors of the centre to express grievances and ensure complaints regarding the services and programs provided by us, will be handled in a fair manner.


All complaints will be followed up in a timely manner. Complaints concerning the quality of FHC services/programs may be lodged in the following ways: 

Verbal: complainant may express a complaint to any staff member including the Executive Director verbally either directly in person or on the telephone.

Every attempt will be made to resolve verbal telephone/in person complaints expressed to a staff at the time of the complaint.  This may involve the appropriate Head of Service. However, if the Head of Service is not present, unresolved complaints will be referred via the Executive Assistant who will notify the appropriate Head of Service or Executive Director for redress.

Written:  complainant may express a complaint in writing, by letter or by using the form below. All written complaints should be addressed to the Executive Director.

The Executive Director will acknowledge receipt of the complaint in writing within two weeks and will notify the appropriate Head of Service to address the complaint. It will be at the discretion of the Executive Director as to whether the Board of Directors will be informed of the complaint. However, the complainant may write to the Board regarding the complaint.

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