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Selected advocacy initiatives that Flemingdon Health Centre has been involved with

Community Health and Municipal Budgets and Services

In July, 2011 FHC made a deputation to the City of Toronto Council on behalf of all CHCs in the Greater Toronto Area.  We focused on how some of the proposed budget changes might affect our clients and community health in the City of Toronto.

Ontario Municipal Board

In February, 2012, FHC staff presented a deputation to the Ontario Municipal Board regarding the construction of a second drive-thru on Overlea Blvd and the potential social, environmental, and health implications for the community.  The application for the second drive-thru was turned down by the Ontario Municipal Board that same year.

Uninsured Clients

Two FHC staff members sit on the Women's College Hospital Network on Uninsured Clients, working with professionals across the health-care, community, and social services sectors around the issues of access to health care for uninsured people in Toronto, Ontario, and Canada.

Recreation Works Campaign

Youth Service Network members and youth from the Flemingdon Park and O'Connor neighbourhoods have been working with the Recreation Works Campaign to support expansion of Recreation Programs for families and youth.