What is virtual care?

Virtual care is an interaction between patients and their health care providers that may include telephone, video or secure electronic messaging. Your health care team talks to you about your current health status, any symptoms you are experiencing and your needs.

FHC provides virtual care, offering you an appointment using video and audio technologies, rather than asking you to come to the centre in person.

Please keep in mind that not all appointments are suited for virtual care. Your provider will advise you if a virtual appointment is an option for you.

How are virtual appointments booked?

The type of virtual visit you have will depend on your care needs and the technology you and the centre have access to. Your care team will provide you with the information and instructions required for your virtual appointment.

  • They will talk to you about options for virtual care and will get your verbal consent for the upcoming appointment.
  • They will let you know the day and time of your virtual visit and confirm they have your preferred contact information.

Types of Virtual Appointments

Telephone Appointment

Your care team will call you on the phone at a scheduled time. You and your care team talk about how you’re feeling, your questions and next steps in your care plan.

Video Appointment: OTN or Zoom for Healthcare

FHC uses a secure video conferencing tool provided by Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) for video calls. OTN is funded and fully supported by the Government of Ontario to enable people to receive care at home. Zoom for Healthcare is another secure video conferencing tool which can be used by health care organizations.

Your care team will call you on your smartphone or computer using OTN or Zoom for Healthcare at the scheduled time.  If you have trouble with the video system, your care team will call your telephone number instead.

Please log on 15 minutes before your appointment time.