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Together, focusing on healthy communities

Some historical highlights


  • Flemingdon Park Health Survey; collection of data completed
  • Sunnybrook Hospital (U of T Clinic) opens a Primary Care Centre in Xerox Building, 701 Don Mills Road
  • Pharmacy opens
  • X-Ray opens


  • Laboratory moves
  • Centre moves to 10 Gateway Boulevard (This includes Pharmacy, Laboratory and X-Ray)
  • Liaison Committee formed
  • Dr. John Hilditch appointed Medical Director


  • Nutritionist and Social Worker added
  • The Centre becomes a recognized Community Health Centre by agreement with the Ministry of Health, with an appropriate corporate organizational structure and a standard rate of funding


  • Physiotherapy added
  • FHC receives Ontario Charter as a non-profit corporation; Board of Directors officially forms a corporation
  • Membership is introduced


  • Canadian Red Cross opens an office in FHC; moves to larger premises at Flemingdon Park Plaza in November 1977
  • Catholic Children’s Aid Society opens an office (later moves to Flemingdon Neighbourhood Services at Flemingdon Plaza)
  • Student Legal Aid Society of the U. of T. starts a legal clinic in FHC (later moves to permanent clinic at Flemingdon Park Plaza)
  • Liaison Committee changes to Community Relations Committee


  • First issue of newsletter for members and patients: Healthline


  • Administrator’s position created
  • Health Centre takes over operation of X-Ray (radiology) Department from S.H.U.T.C.
  • Community Relations Officer added


  • Ownership of Pharmacy changes from Sunnybrook to private firm
  • Installation of counselling rooms for teaching residents in family therapy

Historical Characters


  • Massive campaign underway to obtain signatures from confirmed patients in preparation for transition to become a Health Service Organization (HSO)
  • Celebration of fifth anniversary as a community-run Health Centre
  • The FHC becomes an HSO; funding from the Ministry of Health is now dependent on the size of the patient roster


  • Seniors Drop-In Clinic starts up at 10 Deauville Lane, a Seniors Building beside the Flemingdon Resource Centre
  • First Annual Kids Art Exhibit on a Health Theme held at AGM in cooperation with the three local elementary schools
  • Reorganization of corporate structure resulting from two consultants studies


  • Seniors Health Fair: co-sponsored by Health Centre, Red Cross and Community Care held for full day at Flemingdon Resource Centre
  • Foundation Anniversary Celebration - a community gathering in recognition of the Health Centre’s ten years in Flemingdon Park, seven of them as an HSO
  • Association of Ontario Health Centres Conference: Minister of Health, Larry Grossman, declares HSOs and Community Health Centres (CHCs) to be permanent alternatives in health care delivery system (previously pilot projects)


  • AGM - Board awards Honourary Lifetime Membership to outstanding contributors to thedevelopment of the Health Centre
  • Xerox grant provides TV and VCR equipments for patient education in the waiting room
  • Flemingdon Medical Laboratories install Health Information Centre in waiting room (bulletin board and brochure racks)
  • Circulation of Healthline reaches high of 6,000 member/patient households
  • Flemingdon Flash debuts as internal news sheet for information sharing


  • Planning Committee forms to re-examine Mission Statement, Goals and Objectives
  • Dr. John Hilditch leaves Centre after 12 years of service
  • Individual and group nutrition counselling increased by 38%
  • Forty-two residents and clinical clerks from seven teaching hospitals learn family counselling skills at FHC
  • Videotape on Health Centre services is produced in co-operation with Seneca College students


  • Tenth anniversary celebration as an HSO - Minister of Health, Murry Elston, cuts the cake
  • FHC hosts discussion evening during annual meeting of Association of Ontario Health Centres
  • Nursing students continue to obtain community experience from the dedicated team of nurses
  • Nutrition Services expands from 20 - 28 hours/week
  • Mini Health Fair held at Thorncliffe Park apartment building


  • Seniors Drop-In Clinic at 10 Deauville Lane celebrated its fifth anniversary
  • Prenatal and Parenting Classes: Instructors Manual completed
  • CBC Sunday Morning does comprehensive piece on Health Centres: An Alternative, with string focus on FHC
  • Ultrasound service introduced


  • Patient Satisfaction Survey conducted
  • FHC becomes associate member of Ontario Hospital Association
  • Staff Relations Committee is re-activated
  • Outside agencies run programs out of Health Centre
  • Computers invade the Medical Records department


  • First annual Board/Staff Retreat to look at priorities for Health Centre in future
  • Three government reports (Evans, Spasoff and Podborski) emphasize community-based health care as opposed to sickness care
  • Joint project with Opportunity for Advancement for low-income women (Mothers Health Action Group)
  • Nutritionist begins pilot project for nutrition education and support groups
  • Family counsellor begins program for Family Assessments
  • Community Relations Officer (now Coordinator) begins pilot project to do ten hours of health promotion per week
  • Flemingdon Legal Services moves back to 10 Gateway Boulevard, 3rd Floor
  • Flemingdon Neighbourhood Services moves to portable at Gateway Public School


  • Major renovations of Health Centre undertaken
  • Seniors Clinic opens in Thorncliffe Park, with emphasis on maintenance of health and promotion of wellness
  • Flemingdon Red Cross moves back to 10 Gateway Boulevard, 1st Floor
  • Community relations position re-vamped with added responsibilities in program area
  • Open House held to review our newly renovated Centre
  • Communications Day held


  • Advance preparation for Pay Equity, capacity review, and further computerization of the Centre gets underway
  • Planning Committee conducts community needs assessment involving local agencies
  • Major clean up of patient roster begins due to new Ontario Health Card Number
  • FHC helps initiate Community Action Coalition to address drug related issues in Flemingdon Park
  • A new Health Centre Video and brochure are completed; Healthline gets a fresh look
  • Family medicine expands to include first and second year residents from Toronto East General Hospital
  • Nutrition Services expanded to full time
  • Health Promotions Branch of the Ministry of Health awards grant to FHC and a private consulting group to launch a Health Promotion Project for South Asian Elders


  • Tai Chi classes began under the auspices of the Nursing Department
  • Capacity review by the Phillips Group recommends that FHC expand to a community based multi-service health centre
  • Revenue drops due to a cleanup of patient roster
  • HSOs reviewed by Ministry of Health
  • Following departure of nutritionist, Nutrition Services are reduced to part-time
  • Ministry of Health terminates funding agreement with HSOs including FHC
  • Planning Committee begins to explore alternate models of funding best suited to a multi-service health centre
  • new computer system installed
  • first in-service staff development seminar held


  • Staff hired to complete Policy & Procedures Manuals under job creation project
  • Second chiropodist hired and program expanded
  • FHC joins coalition to address the need for earlier Cancer detection among young, low income women
  • A Basic and Beyond, FHC nutrition program for Somali women in Flemingdon Park is funded by Health Promotion Branch of the Ministry of health through a global budget


  • FHC revises mission statement and logo


  • FHC plays leadership role in process addressing social determinant of health


  • Flemingdon Health Centre celebrates its 20th anniversary


  • FHC identifies community development as a priority


  • At a news conference at FHC, the Minister of Health announces province-wide funding increase for Nurse Practitioners


  • FHC renovates to expand space for community programs


  • FHC celebrates 25th anniversary and opening of expanded facility


  • FHC received Certificate of Accreditation in recognition of achievement of the Building Healthier Organization (BHO) accreditation standards
  • Funding received for a Mid Toronto Diabetes Education Centre in partnership with Anne Johnston Health Station


  • FHC launched its new, improved Healthline Newsletter


  • FHC conducted a Community Needs Assessment
  • FHC organized and hosted a Forum for Dialogue for community agencies in April to discuss the Community Needs Assessment Report
  • FHC implemented the a New Normal due to SARS outbreak
  • FHC site was used by the Liberal Party to launch its health platform
  • In accordance with the new FHC By-Law staff are no longer voting members of the Corporation


  • The closure of Red Cross leads to the closure of its Food Bank; FHC assumed leadership in helping to find a new site for the Food Bank
  • FHC hosted with three other CHCs, a reception for MPPs at Queens Park to celebrate Community Health Day
  • FHC received Certificate of Accreditation from Community Organizational Health Inc. in recognition of achievement of the Building Healthier Organization (BHO) accreditation standards


  • 30th Anniversary Celebration


  • Satellite announced by the Ministry of Health & LTC
  • Satellite Steering Committee formed
  • Revision of Mission/Vision/Values Statements
  • IT – migrated from Novell to Microsoft


  • Community Consultation Meetings held
  • Community Engagement final report completed


  • Satellite Coordinator hired
  • Capital Project Request granted
  • Lease signed at 5 Fairview Mall Drive
  • Community Advisory Committee formed


  • Funded by the Ministry for the South Asian Diabetes Prevention Program (Main site)


  • Social Services, Health Promotion and Admin support staff hired
  • Community Consultation Meeting held
  • Services begin to be offered in the community out off Suite 357
  • Construction begins on suite 359
  • The satellite was linked via VPN to the main site


  • Move to suite 359 (satellite)
  • Community programs begin to be offered on site
  • Suite 359 becomes the official site of FCH
  • Community partners begin to offer programs on site


  • Mid Toronto Diabetes Education Centre no longer in partnership with AJHS, renamed Don Mills Diabetes Education Program
  • Purkinje implemented at the satellite
  • Toronto Public Health Dental Office opens in partnership with FCH
  • Chiropody services begin
  • Primary care services begin
  • Don Mills Diabetes Education Program is housed at FCH
  • In May official opening of FCH with full complement of services
  • Main site (FHC) switched from Health Suite system to Purkinje system
  • OTN launched at both sites
  • The centre’s Executive Director, Peter Yue retired and a new ED, John Elliott, hired


  • The X-ray service was discontinued