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FHC YouTube Channel


Calling the shots: What new data reveals about vaccinations across Ontario


How community advocates in COVID-19 hotspots are working to get the vaccine message out

CBC News

How many COVID-19 vaccines can Ontario administer per day? We did the math

‘It was like winning a gold medal’: 10,000 COVID-19 shots administered in one day in Thorncliffe Park

East Toronto unites against hate after Muslim family murdered in London, Ontario

CBC News

East Toronto Health Partners open pop-up COVID-19 testing sites to address testing challenges (click CBC Toronto News November 05, 2020 in the playlist and navigate to the 7:30 timestamp).

The Globe and Mail

COVID-19 testing numbers plunge below maximum capacity in Ontario.

Toronto Star

Seven temporary COVID-19 testing sites opened in East Toronto.

Beach Metro Community News

Seven temporary COVID-19 testing sites opened by East Toronto Health Partners.

Omni News Focus Cantonese

Seven temporary testing centres in East Toronto.

Omni News Focus Mandarin

Seven temporary testing centres in East Toronto.

East York Chronicle

Four new COVID testing sites opening in East Toronto “priority neighbourhoods.”

cbc news

New farming project in hydro corridor aims to bring healthier food to Flemingdon Park

East Toronto’s Thorncliffe Park is getting a new health and wellness hub

The Local

The Roma of Flemingdon Park

Five new COVID-19 test sites open in east Toronto; two current ones extended.