FHC is committed to effectively addressing any feedback or complaints about our clients’ experiences with our programs and services. We will respond to any feedback received in an equitable, timely and respectful manner. All feedback will be given due consideration without reprisal or discrimination.


All feedback will be followed up with within 10 working days. You can log your feedback in the following ways:

  • In Person: by communicating with any staff member or the CEO.
  • By Telephone: by communicating with any staff member, or leaving a voice mail on their answering machine.
  • By Email: contact us.
  • In Writing: by letter, by completing a hard copy of the Client Feedback Form or by using the electronic form below. All written feedback should be addressed to the CEO. Hard copies of the Client Feedback Form are located in the reception area at all FHC sites.

The organization will continuously inform all clients of the process involved in filing a complaint, the opportunities available for resolution, and will provide any required accommodations to ensure there is equitable access for all clients. During the delivery of program and services, it is the responsibility of every employee to ensure that clients are aware of the organization’s Client Complaints Resolution protocol. Procedurally, all aspects of a complaint will be handled in a confidential manner.

All complaints will be documented and all documentation kept in a secure location. Complaints that are deemed a risk to the organization will be brought forward to the board of directors by the CEO and any complaints related to the violation of board governance policies will be reviewed by the board. When a complaint involves allegations of illegal or unethical behaviour, the organization may be required, by law, to share this information with the relevant external authorities.


We value your input! Please consider taking the time to fill out the Flemingdon Health Centre – Client Experience Survey 2024-25. Your responses in this survey will help us improve the care we provide.

  • Participation in the survey is completely voluntary and all your response to the survey questions will be kept confidential.
  • Your name does not appear on the questionnaire.
  • Answers will be aggregated and analyzed based on themes.
  • We may use your written feedback in presentations and future reporting.
  • Whether or not you answer these questions will not affect your access to service you receive at FHC.
  • As you answer these questions, keep in mind the programs and services you have received from FHC during your most recent  visit, including in person, phone or computer appointments, programs and workshops.