Please Self Screen before you arrive at any of our sites. Masks are required and will be provided.

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Ageless Grace 2022

Begin Volunteering today!

Breastfeeding Support Group

Coding For Kids

Creative Coping Circle 2022

Earth Day! Let’s clean our city together

Empower Your Mind with Mindfulness for South Asians

Fall Flavours

Flemingdon/Thorncliffe Youth Women’s Group

Forever Young

French Homework Club

Friends Support Each Other, Women’s club

Fun & Fitness in Feb

Fun in the Fall

Gentle Fitness

GROCERY TOUR with Dietitian

Healthy Baking for ROMA Families

Jams n Pickles

Let’s Cook and Chat

Life After Covid-Art Therapy Group

Low-impact Aerobic Exercise

Men’s Group (Supported by FHC Men’s Advisory Committee)

Mindful Meditation

Monthly Fun with Food

Pole Walking

Prenatal Program

Safe Fasting and Diabetes Management

Sister Power Mom’s Group

South Asian Diabetes Prevention Program (SADPP)

Stress Management

Stretch Your Mind

Tutor Me

Tutor Me Please!

Veggies R Delicious!!!

Virtual Diabetes Management Session

Wise Butterflies Club Advisory Group

World Diabetes Day

Youth Bike to the Future

Youth Bike to the Future

Hosted by the Gateway Bike Hub, all youth are welcome to join sessions to learn the ABCs of their bike, tune ups, mechanics, security, upcycling, and riding (weather dependent). WANT A FREE BIKE? Attend 4/5 sessions to be provided with a bike for your enjoyment! Sign up with your friends 🙂   When & Where:  […]

Youth Pick-up Soccer

Youth: Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

Dealing with life, its challenges, and emotions, can be hard. Interested in learning about how to better manage challenges and meet new people? Join us for DBT, a therapeutic approach that will help empower you to begin using coping skills that will help you get through some of life’s challenging experiences.   When & Where:  […]