We believe that good health is determined by many elements, including the environment, housing, education, employment and food. We support our communities in achieving good health by offering a series of health education programs, healthy lifestyle activities and initiatives that offer engagement and development opportunities for community members.

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Our Health Promotion Team provides:

  • Health education workshops on prevention and management of chronic conditions
  • Children and parenting support programs, including prenatal classes and breastfeeding programs
  • Youth programs such as homework clubs, after-school drop-in programs, March break and summer camps, mentorship and skills training programs
  • Food security programs, including community gardens, community kitchens and training/skills development
  • Senior health and men’s health education, and social programs aimed at decreasing social isolation and promoting health and wellbeing
  • Fitness programs such as yoga, Zumba, tai chi and aerobic classes
  • Mental well-being programs on stress management and caregiver support
  • Access to resources, such as computers with internet connection and printing, and space to be used for homework, job searches and computer classes
  • Advocacy initiatives and engagement in networks that promote health and well-being
  • Involvement opportunities for community residents and members through advisory and resident-led groups such as Men’s Advisory Committee, Oriole Food Space Council, Seniors’ Advisory Committees

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