The Thorncliffe Park Community Hub (TPCH) is a safe, accessible, multi-service, community-centered space, currently under development, where members of the Thorncliffe Park community can access health and social services, programs and community spaces.

The Hub will be designed to keep community members better connected to a portfolio of medical and social initiatives that will support residents in living a more optimal and well-balanced life. When it is up and running, the TPCH will serve more than 22,000 community members and will be connected to neighbourhood primary care providers.

Planned Services & Programs

The core programs and services offered by the partners at TPCH will be for the health and well-being of the neighbourhood. As community needs change, appropriate services will be added or changed. One goal of the ongoing community engagement and Residents Forums is to develop these provisions to ensure that they will work for all of Thorncliffe Park.

  • Health promotion, nutrition & education
  • Homebound seniors visiting program
  • Primary care, diagnostic imaging and specialists
  • Prenatal, pregnancy and postpartum care
  • Services for non-insured
  • Toronto Public Health dental
  • Community resource access and event space
  • Economic and community development
  • Family (child, youth, senior) services
  • Legal support & education
  • Newcomer and immigration support
  • Supports for persons with disabilities

For more information or to express an interest in using the space, please contact:

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The Neighbourhood Organization logo

How will the hub be governed?

The governance structure is currently interim and must be reviewed through community consultations. The proposed structure consists of a TPCH advisory layer, a decision-making Steering Committee and the TPCH Management Team. Residents, grassroots, primary care providers, service partners, donors and other champions of the Thorncliffe Park community are part of the governance structure of TPCH.

We are currently recruiting Thorncliffe Park residents to participate in the hub governance. Contact us if you are interested.