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Together, focusing on healthy communities


Health Access Thorncliffe Park (HATP) is a new collaborative service designed to improve access to health care services for residents of Thorncliffe Park. HATP is being led by Flemingdon Health Centre (FHC) and The Neighbourhood Office (TNO) in collaboration with Michael Garron Hospital and many other local agencies and service providers. HATP will address gaps in existing services and introduce new programs and services in the community.  HATP is starting small and will grow to meet the overall health and wellbeing needs for Thorncliffe Park.

Services - HATP is now providing the following services:

Basic clinical services – Including blood pressure management, cancer screening, women’s health, and diabetes services

Social Work – Stress management and mental wellness counselling

Nutrition – Support to adults, families and children to meet nutrition needs, including weight management, picky eating and high cholesterol

Family supports – Including healthy child development

Health Education & Promotion – Providing programs that are specific to the needs of the community

Foot Care - Basic foot care services for seniors & people with visual impairments and diabetes

Community Resources and Referrals - Making the right connections and referrals to services for both clients and service providers

** HATP is only for residents of Thorncliffe Park (M4H postal code). OHIP coverage is NOT required. **


Our services are FREE of charge and open to all residents living in M4H postal code; you do not need a health card to access services. Please call us to determine your eligibility for our services.

Interpretation Services

Interpretation services are available to clients who cannot speak or understand English.